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Founded in Kalamazoo in 1954 by employees of National Water Lift Company (now Parker Hannafin), Kalsee Credit Union has served Kalamazoo for 67 years. Founded on principles of entrepreneurship, perseverance and adaptability, personal responsibility, and community involvement, our team members live and work in our local communities, from our tellers to our CEO and chairman of the board.

That being said, we’re not your grandmother’s credit union.

Personal finances are something we just don’t talk and learn about enough. And yet they play a key role in our mental, emotional, and physical wellness. (Then throw in a global pandemic, just to keep things interesting…)

We believe in building relationships and cultivating financial wellness, empowering people to focus on what matters. Yes, it’s important to have a slick banking app to make your life easier (which we have), but your personal finances are so much more than that. What matters most in your life? What goals do you have? Are you saving for education or paying off student loans? Dreaming of a home to raise your family in? Facing a financial challenge or hardship, like loss of income or medical expenses? Preparing your budget and savings for retirement? It’s important that you share those things with experts who care and will help you build a workable plan to realize your goals. So that you can focus on what really matters, whatever that is to you.

So come see us in Kalamazoo, Portage, or Battle Creek/Springfield. It will soon be easier than ever to find us as we open new locations in Milwood and Vicksburg (late 2021), and on Gull Road (late 2022). Or visit us on our website. We’re here for you.

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