WSI Finds Time for Work and Life

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Kalamazoo, MI

WSI’s mission is to “empower people to live their best lives.”

As a staffing and recruitment firm, this means helping people find a profession where they will be successful and fulfilled; however, the company’s guiding purpose also translates to the way it treats its internal staff. Culture Manager Lauren Rogalski puts it this way, “We know that WSI is just a part of our employees’ lives, but we don’t demand that it be the main focus. We believe that you should be able to have fun here while still being happy in your outside life.”

To guarantee an optimal work-life balance for its team, WSI holds that family will always come first. “Family will always take precedence over work,” says Rogalski. “We blur the lines between work and family. It’s not abnormal to see kids sitting in offices with their parents who are trying to finish something up.” WSI’s no-questions-asked policy when it comes to family ensures that its employees never feel guilty leaving an hour early to be at the bus stop or a dance recital.

In the summer months, kids are welcome to tag along to Kalamazoo Growlers games attended by the company and its annual party. And though everyone on staff looks forward to these events, most would say their favorite perk is WSI’s policy for summer Fridays. After logging 40 hours in a week, WSI employees have the option to take the rest of the day off after lunch time. “I love it,” says Rogalski. “It totally changes your weekend. You get to really spend that time with your family and with your kids. We’re a hard-working team, so you’re probably already working your 40 hours before noon on Friday. It’s a great reward.”

In all seasons, WSI understands that sometimes it’s impossible to leave your lives at the door before coming in to work. “We spend a lot of time together,” she says. “We’ve been through a lot of ups and downs here with our coworkers. Our team celebrates together, but we also come together when times are tough. We stop by, make sure they know that we’re there, and we’re willing to do everything we can to make it easier for them.” One time, when an employee’s husband was preparing for his first year of teaching at a local school, WSI sponsored a drive to collect school supplies to fill his classroom. Rogalski says it was one of the most successful collections she has seen.

For WSI, connecting its clients to the right jobs requires making sure its employees can live their best lives inside and outside of work. “We really just want to put people in a place to be as successful as they can be,” says Rogalski. The company’s guiding philosophy is that teams are engaged only when they know the people they work with and care about their lives in and out of the workplace.

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