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Under normal circumstances, plopping down in front of the television (or your laptop) only to find yourself still there after ten hours of watching your favorite series seems like a waste of valuable time.

Did you know that it’s a scientifically proven fact that binge-watching actually makes you feel better? A Netflix survey found that 73 percent of participants reported positive feelings after binge-watching. Why? When engaged in an activity that’s enjoyable, your brain releases dopamine giving you a natural jolt of pleasure and making you forget all the seemingly bad stuff going on around you.

So, go on. Pick up that remote. We won’t tell. Here are more than a few suggestions to start binging on.

  1. Under shelter-in-place orders, who doesn’t need Friends?
  2. To make your new makeshift home office seem like the real thing, tell your remote to put on The Office in the background.
  3. If you watch Game of Thrones one more time, maybe, just maybe, you’ll see the alternate ending where Jon Snow sits upon the Iron Throne.
  4. And you thought you would never experience Stranger Things.
  5. Haven’t we all landed in Schitt’s Creek together? Ew David. Ew Covid.
  6. Catch an episode of Tiger King if you are obsessed with finding out what’s really in your neighbor’s backyard.
  7. Take a break from your new role as home school teacher and call in a substitute teacher for art class. With more than 31 seasons, Bob Ross is your man.
  8. Drugs, drama, and death. A little different than our everyday lives, but Narcos and Ozark will help you to escape reality for a bit.
  9. Before you head out for that run, stretch out your muscles to an episode of Parks and Recreation.
  10. Brush up on your spread eagle so you’re ready to Cheer when you are freed from your home.
  11. The emotional marathon of Breaking Bad will help you better deal with the one you really are in.
  12. Without the water cooler drama, there’s always Gossip Girl.
  13. Pretend you’re royalty with the cast of Downton Abbey.
  14. The Hallmark Channel is offering love, and Christmas, 24/7.
  15. If things are really getting to you and you are starting to think we are in this forever, tune into Guiding Light. It will keep you busy for 591 days and one hour.
  16. For those rose-colored-glasses-on peeps who only have a weekend to give, check out Fleabag, Jack Ryan, or a season of American Crime Story.
  17. Anything on Disney+. Cartoon castles and superheroes make everything better.

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