Make Your Voice Heard With the 2020 Census

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Your Time Means More Money for Southwest Michigan 

What if we told you a few minutes of your time could pay off for the next 10 years? It’s true! By participating in the 2020 U.S. Census, you will affect how $675 billion in federal funds are distributed throughout the U.S. These federal funds impact education, infrastructure, business, politics, health, science, and more.

In 2010, Michigan as a state had a 78 percent response rate, while Kalamazoo County spoke a little louder with 81 percent responding. Although the state ranked fifth in the nation for participation, we know we can do better. Let’s turn that B-, passing grade into an A+ outstanding.

A change in this year’s census process is the addition of digital submission. While lounging on the couch, you can shape the numbers and dodge the phone calls and drop-bys. We’ll keep you up to date on all the latest. For now, check out this local census hub and prepare to respond by April 1.

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