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The age-old saying may be that “You are what you eat,” but here in Kalamazoo, we judge you by what you drink (what beer you drink, that is). Originally begun as a celebration of Imperial Beverage’s recognition as Craft Beer Distributor of the Year, in its tenth year, Kalamazoo Beer Week continues to recognize the passion and artistry put into Kalamazoo’s craft beer community.

As you craft your agenda, study up on some local beers and what we think they say about you.

  1. Oval Beach Blonde by Saugatuck: The craft beer world is new for you, but this one looks just like what you drank in college. So, you feel safe. You may comment on the subtle malt characteristics or hop profile, but all you know is this one will still let you play corn hole for hours.
  2. Two Hearted Ale by Bell’s Brewery: You know this beer has been named the number one beer in the U.S., and you’ve known it longer than anyone. The robust hop character is just as eccentric as you. We bet you’ve taken your beanie off more than once to bow down in recognition of its glory.
  3. Auld Tallywacker by Latitude 42: You’re an old soul, and this is an aged beer. You’ve met your match. Make sure to tell everyone that what you’re sipping is technically a Barely wine and dates back to 1870 from Bass. After a glass, you wish you were born in 1870 too.
  4. Sweet Water Street by One Well Brewing: From head to toe, you support local and so does your beer. The tastes of Sweetwater’s Donut Mill and Water Street Coffee combine superbly in your handcrafted growler, and everyone at brunch will know it soon.
  5. Farmers Tan by Texas Corners Brewing: Lighthearted and easy-going, you were meant to live in the sun year-round. But here you are in Michigan, and you can’t complain, because you never do.
  6. Berry Bizzare by Brite Eyes Brewing: It’s as sweet as puppies, kittens, rainbows, and you! It tastes “just like juice” and reminds you of your time abroad in Australia, which you’ll reminisce about for the next two hours.
  7. The Oatbama by Presidential Brewing: There’s a beer for every season, and you live by that. This isn’t tailgate weather anymore. During the winter, the darker the beer means the better to sip leisurely by the fire. Plus, who doesn’t want to feel like President Obama for a while?

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