Hitting the Grindstone and Grinding Up Beans  


What started as a way to help her family out has turned into a career for Jamie Brock, as well as a way to let her entrepreneurial spirit soar. In 2014, Jamie purchased Coffee Rescue from her brother and continues to serve as the sole owner. While coffee has consistently been a part of the menu, new treats, appeal, and drinks like smoothies and frozen lemonade have been added.

This year, Jamie has been grateful for the flexibility of her business and the commitment of her employees. “I always tell my employees that every day is an adventure because you just never know what’s going to happen,” said Jamie. “Having a food truck and a type of nomadic existence has been a good thing because I have the flexibility to go to where the business is.” Throughout the year, Coffee Rescue can be found at events around the region including food truck rallies, farmers’ markets, and private gatherings for businesses. “I get calls all the time from businesses with requests to do an employee or teacher appreciation event. It’s an affordable way to show their employees that they care,” said Jamie.

During Jamie’s time as owner of Coffee Rescue, she has come to appreciate the greater food truck community that Kalamazoo has to offer. “I think everybody has this understanding that we’re better together. We’re able to work together pretty openly and know that we have each other’s backs,” said Jamie. Typically, you can spot Coffee Rescue paired up with another local food truck to provide a well-rounded food experience. 

As outdoor events begin to slow down, Jamie has innovated her business yet again. She has begun bagging and selling her personally roasted coffee beans online, with the option for a gift box or “First Aid Kit” of beans. If you’re in need of a jolt of caffeine, a nice way to recognize your employees’ hard work, or a fun holiday present, check out the Coffee Rescue website

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