Hammock Parks for a Summer in Full Swing


Today is National Hammock Day! Whether you’re hanging out with friends, that special someone, or going solo, there’s no better way to relax than to spend a sunny day at a local park hammocking. All you need is your hammock, straps, and two trees (and if you’ve got a double hammock, you’re going to want to make sure you don’t forget that special someone or furry friend to share it with). We’ve made the rest of your job easy by compiling a list of six of the best parks in the area to hammock it up. Don’t forget to take that artsy sunset pic!

  1. Asylum Lake Preserve in Kalamazoo has 274-acres of land which means you shouldn’t have any problem finding a place to hang your hammock. Relax by the lake or deep in the woods!
  2. In Texas Township, Al Sabo Land Preserve is a scenic preserve featuring wooded areas, meadows, wetlands, and trails for hiking and cycling. It’s the perfect spot to chill.
  3. Kalamazoo’s historic Milham Park has a network of walking paths and three bridges that cross the winding Portage Creek. Best of all, it’s covered with hundreds of mature trees.
  4. Fort Custer State Recreation Area in Augusta is a 3,033-acre park that features three lakes, the Kalamazoo River, and more than 25 miles of multi-use trails. You might want to bring your hiking shoes to find the perfect spot.
  5. With pickleball courts and a 10-acre garden park, Crane Park in Kalamazoo is a fun spot to relax and enjoy beautiful flowers and shrubs, while also taking in the view perched on Westnedge Hill.
  6. At nearly 186 acres, Spring Valley Park is one of Kalamazoo’s largest city parks and one of the best places to admire wildlife and the natural beauty of the area. Sounds like the perfect re-tree-t!

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