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Award-winning culture will be valuable recruitment tool.

With its jobless rate hovering around 4.0 percent, the Southwest Michigan region may be experiencing what many economists deem “full” employment.

This statistic is a positive one when describing the area’s economic health, but a challenging one to overcome for companies seeking to hire new employees. To attract job seekers, companies must differentiate themselves in this highly competitive market.

Stryker has found its means of differentiation. For the past eight consecutive years, the global medical technology manufacturer has been named to the 100 Best Companies To Work For® list by Fortune and Great Place to Work (GPTW). In 2018, more than 315,000 employees from companies throughout the U.S. provided feedback used by GPTW to establish the list. Companies need to have more than 1,000 employees to be considered. Survey questions included content about pride in having an impact on the community, the feeling of making a difference, and whether work has special meaning. Stryker ranked 16th out of the 100 award winners.

Stryker’s successful culture is a valuable recruitment tool. On June 26, 2018, the company announced it will expand capacity of its Medical division in Portage, Michigan. The company will invest almost $110 million in a 253,000-square-foot expansion project that will result in the expected recruitment of 260 new employees by the end of 2025. The average annual salary of those positions is expected to be $73,000. Stryker is noted for its inclusive and collaborative practices, and the upcoming expansion will include amenities such as a new café, a patio, expanded training space, and newly designed offices to encourage collaboration. Construction is anticipated to begin this fall and be completed by the end of 2020.

To fill these new roles, Stryker will search for talented people who are passionate, focused, driven, and expect to win. The goal is to identify team members who will constantly challenge each other to achieve more. They will join the ranks of highly engaged employees like Rishabh and Monique who proudly describe their work environment.

“I work with a young, cohesive and energetic team,” says Rishabh, Staff Engineer. “We spend a good amount of time in the office and the team has become a group of friends who enjoy work. I feel lucky that Stryker has people as a core value. While working here, I can see why this organization is always on top of the charts as a best employer. The exposure and platform to showcase your skills is unmatched.”

“Stryker supports diversity by selecting and hiring candidates from all different backgrounds and experience,” says Monique, Manager of Research and Development. “The workforce here is very diverse. Stryker also focuses on employee engagement and individual development plans that provide opportunities for advancement.”

To explore how to become part of the Stryker team, visit careers.stryker.com.

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