Building a Climate of Caring

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Steve Herppich

Catalyst Development Group builds a climate of caring—inside the office and out.

CATALYST DEVELOPMENT GROUP; KALAMAZOO, MI | Catalyst Development Group, responsible for constructing and maintaining many striking structures across Michigan, knows that it takes the whole team to get a project off the ground. They have therefore created a scaffolding of strong values and a positive culture to support every employee. “We build buildings that will be around for 100 years or more,” says Patti Owens, managing director and vice president. “We build our culture in the same way—everything we do is very intentional.”

Working closely together on towering achievements, team members view themselves more as a family than an office. This dynamic was carefully built over time upon an unshakeable foundation of trust. “Trust allows us to rely on each other, but also to make mistakes because we always have that relationship to fall back on,” says Property Superintendent Morgan Macomber. It’s easiest to see this dynamic come lunch hour when every employee gathers to share a meal. Regularly sitting around the lunch table together allows the team a time to decompress, share family pictures, or even to talk through a particularly difficult problem.

And just like in any family, there is a fair amount of lighthearted fun going on behind the scenes. Sometimes this means getting caught in the crossfire of a friendly dodgeball game. Other times it might mean celebrating a birthday by filling a workspace from floor to ceiling with colorful balloons, or welcoming an employee back from vacation with an office covered in countless cat photos. “These are simple things we can do to show we care. They only cost our time. What builds our team the most is time plus love. If you do anything with love the result will be unbelievable. We strive to make sure that every interaction comes from a place of love,” concludes Patti Owens.

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