2020 Wonderful Workplaces Winner: Gibson Insurance


Creating a Great Experience for All

FIRST & 42 is celebrating Gibson Insurance as a winner of this year’s Wonderful Workplaces competition. Gibson provides counsel and advice on complex business and people issues that go far beyond the scope of an insurance policy. This approach provides value and sophisticated protection to its clients. Gibson has gone above and beyond during the pandemic to care for its employees while working from home to keep them engaged and allowing them to continue to provide a “great experience for all,” both internally and externally. “Even in the face of everything that 2020 has thrown at us, Gibson continues to grow while attracting and retaining top talent,” said Gibson Michigan Market Leader Gary Carey. “Company culture is everything to the success of an organization, and it is on display every day at Gibson. It is a great time to join the Gibson team!” Read on to hear more from Gary about why Gibson is a wonderful place to work.


What was Gibson’s biggest achievement during 2020?

Surviving the impact of COVID-19 on our business, we found the agility to effectively adapt to a work from home model. Out of this newer model, we recognized there was an opportunity to accommodate employees’ needs in terms of office furniture and technology at home, so we created a “Work From Home Grant Program” that allows employees to submit a request for up to $600 in equipment that will be purchased by the company. This program has proven to be so popular that we were recently featured in FIRST & 42.

What is unique about the workplace culture at Gibson?

One Culture: Gibson brings in talented people and, through a very welcoming and inclusive approach, integrates each person into the organization. The results are highly engaged associates who have a sense of purpose in their work and with each other.

Ownership: Associates at Gibson love the fact that we own the company, which operates as an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP). The ESOP gives us confidence that the work we do is meaningful not only for the company but for ourselves and our teammates as well. Because of our ESOP, we truly all have a stake in the work we do.

Living the Values: Our core values, “Create a Great Experience,” “Do the Right Thing,” “Foster Collaboration,” “Pursue Growth,” and “Own Your Future,” are present in each interaction internally and externally. Whether it is our CEO or the newest associate, we all walk the walk.

Community Spirit: Gibson has an atmosphere that evokes a strong sense of community throughout our entire organization. We believe that we are part of a cohesive team of compassionate and successful people who are all rowing in the same direction. You will find Gibson associates are present in many different non-profits and community projects giving back of our time, talents, and energy. One way that this is unique is that you will frequently find associates coming from offices in other cities and states to help others in need.

Open Communication: Gibson flourishes because our leadership fosters an atmosphere of open communication. Our leaders make themselves highly visible and listen to our associates instead of remaining behind a closed office door for the entire day.

Client Experience: Gibson has a strong commitment to helping its clients grow by thinking beyond insurance and becoming proactive risk managers. One of the ways we accomplish that goal is through the Gibson Protection System, or GPS. Our GPS helps companies identify and develop a plan to manage risk. This program is our key external differentiator. It is the process we use to identify, quantify, and manage risk for our clients to help them protect what matters most.

Why do you love going to work each day?

The culture and people at Gibson.

How do leaders at Gibson build engagement within their teams?

The leadership team reach-outs and recognition occur every day. The internal state of the company discussions about Gibson help ensure that there is a clarity of messaging and that everyone understands the health of our organization. There is also a strong and real sense of employee ownership promoted through our ESOP.

How did Gibson handle workplace status during COVID-19 and keep employees cared for and engaged?

In addition to the work from home support shared above, many teams focused on virtual coffee chats, happy hours, recognition celebrations, and more via Zoom. The focus was on frequency and effectiveness to help keep everyone engaged.

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