What Do Wi-Fi, Sewer Systems, and COVID Have in Common?


Now that we have your attention, we promise this is important, and you’ll want to know more. Every five years, the W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research (Upjohn Institute) and the Southcentral Michigan Planning Council (SMPC) work with regional partners including industry leaders, the public sector, places of higher education, and you, the greater community, to create a Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS). In short, the CEDS becomes a blueprint for economic prosperity for the region. While the committee is underway developing the guidelines to include in the upcoming submission of CEDS, they need your help

Director of the SMPC and Community Development Leader at the Upjohn Institute Lee Adams explained that community participation in this process is invaluable because of the on-the-ground insights different people can provide. “The CEDS helps guide federal investments in our region for the next five years, so we want everyone to have a hand in determining its priorities,” said Lee.

In the past, projects like the Tiger Room, an accelerator kitchen in Battle Creek, have received financial and community support because of former CEDS development. Current projects underway include broadband planning, COVID recovery, and a focus on improving the resiliency of supply chains. So, what do you want to see develop in our region? What is challenging current development? In less than ten questions, you can shape the future of our region. Or, plan to join the CEDS planning team on Wednesday, December 9 for a virtual public meeting. 

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