Wellness Investments Pay Out in Dividends

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Consumers Credit Union understands that a healthy team produces healthy results.

CONSUMERS CREDIT UNION; OSHTEMO, MI | In recent years, the credit union has expanded to 19 locations across Southwest Michigan. Last year, it unveiled its state-of-the-art headquarters in Texas Township. There, Consumers team members can be seen interacting in real time with clients, grabbing a healthy snack from the kitchen or walking together in “Team Consumers” gear to a fitness class at the on-site gym.

To encourage physical wellness, as well as collaboration, Consumers Credit Union covers costs for gym memberships, marathon registrations, and even ski trips. While at work, team members from all levels of the organization participate together in on-site barre, high intensity interval training (HIIT), and other fitness classes while tracking their progress together through a shared wellness app. With this app, they can book personal coaches, compete in health challenges, and work toward the reward of an Amazon gift card.

But the credit union doesn’t limit its workplace wellness to just the physical; the company makes sure that its team is also well mentally and emotionally. “Everybody in the credit union has access to coaching whether it’s for stress, finances, physical fitness, or nutrition,” says Chief Human Resources Officer Shawn Premer. “We also have a success coach who comes in every Wednesday to help our people solve any challenges they might have.” Consumers also has a shared fund dedicated to helping employees during a personal crisis. Last year, employees came together to assist the family of a team member facing surgery.

For Consumers, doing the right thing for both clients and employees is the key to success. “To be a successful organization and serve our members well, we know that we need a high level of employee satisfaction,” emphasizes Lindsay Land, vice president of operations. “That starts with having an excellent culture and investing in your people. We know it is the right thing to do, but it also gets real results.”

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