This Organization Deserves a Crown and a Trophy 

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Crown Trophy

There are some serious benefits to us all taking precautions and wearing masks while out and about or at work. But has anyone noticed how uncomfortable those things are? Marie and Dennis Marsh, owners of Crown Trophy, took on the mission to alleviate the discomfort and ear pressure of masks by using their skills and ingenuity to develop mask extensions. After a recommendation from another franchise owner, the couple got to work. “We were just sitting at home and wanted to help out, but didn’t know how,” said Dennis. “One of the other stores came up with this idea and we just ran with it, because it was a way we could help without being on the front lines.”

Utilizing a template shared throughout the organization, Marie and Dennis were able to program their engraving software in minutes and get to work with the material they already had on hand. Once completed, the mask extenders are made available to anyone in need for only the cost of shipping. “We feel that we’re all in this together. We’re not doctors, nurses, or people who are on the frontlines,” explained Marie. “So we wanted to help them in some way, and this was one way, and a small way, that we could help the area.”

If you or someone you know needs a way to make their crown less itchy, reach out to Dennis and Marie Marsh.  

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