To Stream or not to Stream? That Is the Question.


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A Q&A conversation about Livestreaming with Dan Martin, owner of Kzoom 

Q:  So what’s it like to get into a live stream?!

A:  Well, the day for this shoot, it was the first week of September…unfortunately the water was quite chilly. If you’re curious and want to see the full video from this shoot, you can find it here.

Q:  Maybe I should have asked – what has it been like to get into this LIVESTREAMING journey for Kzoom?

A:  Livestreaming became a big focus at Kzoom this last Spring.  Organizations were calling us with this need, and we wanted to help!

Q:  What are some of the creative ways you’re live streaming?

A:  Aside from tasting Pure Michigan and getting into small rivers, we are encouraging our customers to dream big.  We just completed a creative livestream where we played off of the Saturday Night Live theme and brought fun and connection to a company with 250 employees.  Breaking some of the “rules” of what people are used to seeing through boring virtual calls is so refreshing and engaging to your audience.

Q:  But what if someone needs the interactivity of a group like a Zoom Call?

A:  The answer here is that Zoom and Kzoom are good friends.  We can actually livestream with our professional video and audio right through a Zoom call.

Q:  Should all businesses and organizations be thinking about livestreaming?

A:  Yes!  Even for several years prior to COVID-19, livestreaming has been dramatically elevated on social media platforms as well as user enjoyment of having a live connection. This won’t change in the future even after COVID-19 clears up.

Q: What’s something that people don’t know is possible with livestreaming?

A: Many people aren’t aware we can shoot/edit footage ahead of time and then push this footage live. An entire program or virtual banquet can be pre-produced and streamed live.

Q: What would you say to nonprofits about conducting a virtual event to raise needed funds?

A:  It has been our track-record in the last 6 months that we’re seeing organizations raise near 80% of the funds as compared to in-person events in 2019, which makes livestreaming an excellent solution vs. not having an event.

Q: What are Kzoom’s full capabilities with this?

A:  We can shoot multiple cameras live, and switch between these, as well as queuing slides or video at any time. Kzoom is also capable of streaming to multiple channels simultaneously. We can create the live link weeks ahead of time so that the link is set in stone for using this in your communications leading up to an event.

Q: What makes Kzoom different from another company that would offer livestreaming?

A: The number one comment we hear from our happy customers is that they value Kzoom’s creative collaboration when they are in the planning stage and that our coaching on the day of makes so much difference compared to just setting up a camera.

Q:  Thank you so much for your time and insight. If someone is interested in learning more, where can they go?

A:  You can contact Kzoom at 269-330-6565 or see samples.

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