STEINBAUER Engineering Gears Up for Innovative Pilot Program

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STEINBAUER Engineering is participating in the pilot program for the California Air Resources Board (CARB) Heavy Duty Inspection and Maintenance Program (HD I/M) SB 210 passed in September last year. It will affect all heavy-duty trucks operating in or bringing freight into the State of California. STEINBAUER owner Herbert Steinbauer explained, “The HD I/M program has far-reaching effects, CARB is the leader for environmental emissions standards, so being apart of this landmark program is an honor.”

Over 20 years of knowledge and experience working with vehicle electronics within the ECU and CANbus framework has prepared STEINBAUER to work on the first Pilot Program for the incoming SB210. “Given our experience working with logistics companies, we are uniquely placed to offer insight and practical input to a program that will have far-reaching effects, not just in California, but nationwide,” said Sherie Jones, program coordinator.

In late 2017, STEINBAUER relocated from North Carolina to Dowagiac, Michigan. After the complete refurbishment of the former Haas Security Systems property, the company now has a workshop, warehouse, technical support and development offices, and training rooms at its location. “A project such as this has a national focus and the opportunity to bring diverse and much-needed employment into our area,” said Sherie. “We are focused on providing the best pilot data available. With many other states looking at the HD I/M – it is an opportunity to show the national business community just what Southwest Michigan has to offer.”

STEINBAUER is currently seeking logistics companies interested in participating in the program. Please contact Program Co-ordinator Sherie Jones by email or phone at the office on 704.587.0856.

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