Nobis Agri Science Announces Promotion of Megan Versau to Chief Operating Officer

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Based in Plainwell, Michigan the dairy nutrition and management consulting company, Nobis Agri Science, is pleased to announce the promotion of Megan Versau to Chief Operating Officer (COO). Versau has been with the company for over 5 years. She previously managed the marketing, compliance, and human resources department at Nobis Agri Science.

As Chief Operating Officer, Versau will oversee the day-to-day administrative and operational functions with a focus on operational excellence, customer satisfaction, and the implementation of strategic goals. Versau has been an insightful leader in Nobis Agri Science’s development and implementation of innovative processes and client support services while bringing a fresh, innovative perspective to the fast-paced agricultural industry.

Benjamin Nobis, Vice President and Owner of Nobis Agri Science, had this to say about the promotion: “Megan is a vital part of our company and was responsible for our marketing strategy, regulatory compliance, development of our quality assurance program and human resources during her tenure,” said Nobis. “She is an important part of our success and our future. As COO, Megan will be responsible for the alignment and prioritization of company strategies for growth and ensuring operational excellence across the company. We now look to more aggressive growth with the right people in the best positions to serve our current and developing client base. Versau is the right operations leader for Nobis Agri Science going forward.”

Megan Versau had this to say about the promotion: “I am pleased to serve as Nobis Agri Science’s Chief Operating Officer in the years to come,” said Versau. “We have a very strong team at Nobis Agri Science, and I look forward to helping manage that team in my capacity as COO. It’s been a great experience seeing Nobis Agri Science grow in my 5+ years with the company, and I appreciate the opportunity to help us grow even further. Our strategy has never been more compelling.”

About Nobis Agri Science:

Nobis Agri Science, a family-owned company that has established itself over 40 years as the leader in dairy nutrition and management consulting, provides a portfolio of complete feeds, supplements, premixes, ingredients, and solutions that address nutrition requirements for better animal health and performance.

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