Free LED Upgrades for Businesses in Michigan – A Sustainable Incentive Program

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Sustainability and the environment have become top of mind these days. From reusable water bottles to recycling and ethical shopping choices, everyone is asking, “What can I do to play a role in a better tomorrow?”

Through a sustainability incentive program, 4′ LED tube light upgrades are available for free for local businesses. Similar to the popular ‘Cash for Clunkers’ program, this initiative allows participants to swap out their fluorescent & incandescent lights for energy-efficient LEDs which save in excess of 50 percent in electricity and energy consumption according to a study by the Illinois Sustainable Technology Center.

Not only does this save local businesses on monthly bills, but 100 percent of product costs are covered through OEO Energy Solutions thanks to their partnerships with federal, state, and utility grants or incentive programs. For large facilities that require lots of lights, this can mean savings of tens of thousands of dollars each year. Not only that, LEDs have been proven to have longer life spans as well as higher brightness and intensity which results in safer and more productive working environments.

In the past 6 weeks, OEO has given away over $700,000 in free LED replacements to local businesses and reduced annual CO2 emissions by 6 million pounds.

Interested in getting your free LED upgrades? The tube model available is 4’ T8-LED to replace existing standard 4’ ft T8 or T12 fluorescent tube lights with warehouse high bay style upgrades for metal halide and high-pressure sodium also available for free. There are no costs and no paperwork required with only shipping charges of $1 per tube applying for orders of less than 250 tubes.

To receive your LED upgrades simply enter the company information, shipping address, and the number of lights desired here. The shipment will be sent within 10 business days depending on product availability. Orders for the offer must be placed between now and June 30, 2021.

Local businesses across the country have already participated in creating a brighter future, so why not make your business a brighter, more sustainable place today?


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