CSM Group Creates a Virtual Construction Experience for Students During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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As we all know, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected educational systems worldwide, with school closures interrupting learning. Many parents and guardians have found themselves unexpectedly stepping into the role of teacher to continue providing learning programs for their children. CSM Group has developed a free educational resource for students that is now available to encourage learning at home.

“We designed Kids’ Construction Zone to pull back the curtain to show students how construction workers, project managers, designers, and engineers work together on a project site,” said Jim Feltch, president and chief executive officer at CSM Group. “We believe that this online course will help students recognize their passion for STEM and encourage them to learn more about the construction industry.”

This virtual course takes a behind-the-scenes look of an active project in downtown Kalamazoo, Michigan: 180 E. Water Street, otherwise known as CD-12. Using a 360-degree camera, we make it an interactive experience with videos, sounds, and spherical views of the environment. The goal is to make students aware of careers they never knew existed, such as project managers, surveyors, and skilled laborers, and deepen their understanding of the construction industry’s process, concepts, and terminology.

But the lesson doesn’t stop on the screen. Kids’ Construction Zone also features at-home activities that parents or guardians can print, such as coloring pages, crafts, and matching games.

To access the free virtual course, visit this website.


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