No Signs of Slowing Down

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The Wiser Financial Group continues to invest in Southwest Michigan heading into its 60th year.

Most of us can vaguely imagine how our life might look at 60 years. For some of us, it’s hard to visualize what our days will consist of when we intentionally slow down our daily routine after years in the workforce. Others who are much closer to retirement can vividly explain what life will be like: “Holding a frozen piña colada on a remote sandy beach, with toes in the water and Jimmy Buffet music playing in the background…without a ‘worry or care.’” For many, when we envision ourselves at 60 years, the biggest priority for our daily routine is when being “fully present” works hand-in-hand with the concept of living out our big picture for life.

The Wiser Financial Group’s daily commitment to advising clients revolves around ensuring that working professionals in Southwest Michigan can see their personal vision of retirement as they approach their individual 60-year mark. This firm’s daily grind is built on the knowledge that “slowing down” will eventually happen for every individual in the Southwest Michigan workforce. About to hit 60 itself in 2020, The Wiser Financial Group is just starting to ramp up and is more focused than ever on helping to create a legacy in Southwest Michigan.

Historical Perspective

Founded as a long-term investment vehicle for working professionals in its community, The Wiser Financial Group continues to yield extraordinary results for individuals in Southwest Michigan who are looking to invest in their future.

The Wiser Financial Group was founded over 59 years ago, with the mission of helping individuals and families create wealth, maintain that wealth, and preserve a legacy for the next generation. Since 1960, The Wiser Financial Group has been an exceptional role model of financial advising, retirement, and legacy planning for individuals throughout the region. While most financial firms can celebrate being in the area for a few decades, one of the many layers of the “Wiser Advantage” includes that the group has been a part of the Southwest Michigan community for over half a century.

Advisors for Any Age, Any Stage

The Wiser Financial Group team is well-versed in helping individuals who live and work in Southwest Michigan at all stages of their career. From advising corporate executives headquartered locally to aiding in succession planning for locally-owned small to medium-sized family businesses, the group’s financial advising experience is well matched to the needs of the working professionals in the region.

Throughout a professional’s career, there are many financial deliberations and critical conversations that can and do arise. For example, these financial topics can include:

  • How do I transition financially during a significant corporate lay-off?
  • How do I maximize corporate stock opportunities with 401K investments?
  • How do I financially transition and plan for the opportunity of working abroad?
  • When should I seriously consider an early retirement option from a current employer?

The real lagniappe of engaging with The Wiser Financial Group is its ability to connect multiple financial perspectives and provide thoughtful, carefully considered advice from a regional and local economic viewpoint as well as from a domestic and global perspective. Its ability to connect the dots and provide personalized advice for working professionals takes financial advising to a whole different level when it comes to caring about the success and legacy of individuals in our local workforce. With no million-dollar minimums, the group continues to help plan and support local Generation X business leaders and shape future planning for our elder millennials who are becoming aggressive about investing in their future in Southwest Michigan.

The Wiser Advantage

With a full team of professionals with long-standing experience, it’s impossible not to recognize what a competitive advantage it is to be a Wiser client, living, working, and building a future in Southwest Michigan.

Partner and Financial Advisor Robert Campbell describes what is called the “Wiser Advantage” as seeing the individual from a holistic approach: “When you come to an independent firm like The Wiser Financial Group, we’re not only looking at the investment side of things—stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc.—what we are looking at is the entire picture. We are looking at your insurance needs. We are looking at your estate planning needs. We’re looking at your tax planning. We are answering questions that may not have to do with anything in terms of your investments, but we’re here to help take the big picture into consideration, for you personally”.

The “Wiser Advantage” is the firm’s dedicated and experienced team approach, confirms Partner and Financial Advisor Clinton VanLinder. “I think one of the real advantages of working with our financial group is that we have a full team of professionals here. We have CPAs, an attorney, and a lot of investment experience. We can put all that together. And with the depth of professionals we have here, we can really change with the times and help each client be successful for what their changing times are.”

Successful Succession Planning 

With succession and legacy planning being a core element of retirement planning, it’s no surprise that The Wiser Financial Group has already managed a smooth leadership transition itself over this past decade. Over ten years ago, Ron Wiser, the founder of The Wiser Financial Group, saw the need to transition ownership and managing leadership to preserve the success of the firm and the long-term well-being of the firm’s clients. Since the group’s transition to a partnership, Robert Amberg, Campbell, Wesley Lentz, and VanLinder have continued to double down on the firm’s community investments by impressively growing the firm to help more individuals and businesses create growth and succession right here in Southwest Michigan.

With a work hard, play hard mentality, the managing partners continue to support their team and clients with a highly engaged teamwork approach—while maintaining a consistent vision of the firm’s mission and commitment to clients and their local community.

Within the last year, The Wiser Financial Group has been recognized as a 2018 Top 101 Best and Brightest Business in the Nation by National Association of Business Resources and awarded Kestra Financial’s 2018 Outstanding Business of the Year by their broker-dealer. With the affirmation that accompanies these awards, it is apparent that, at almost 60, The Wiser Financial Group is not slowing down anytime soon.


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