Meet Damon Allison


As a 2017 participant of Leadership Kalamazoo, Damon Allison has not only built on the lessons taught in the program to develop his own leadership, but now, he is also helping others develop their leadership, too!

One of the most memorable experiences that Damon recalls from his time in the program was the chance to tour Kalamazoo Public Safety.

“That was so cool! Everyone can say they know a person, a job, or what people and organizations do. But to get the insight and the backstory of what’s going on—it gives you a different respect for the organization and community.”

With the recent publication of his book, “King of Teams: How to Create Winning Teams in an Unconventional Way” and as the facilitator of Zeigler Auto Group’s Aspire Leadership program, Damon said Leadership Kalamazoo helped him get to where he is today.

“Leadership Kalamazoo really taught me the power of community and the power of people,” said Damon. “I took that pilot of having small communities of people in leadership, and I tied that into the course.”

Damon encourages those in his course to utilize their resources and relationships through weekly chats, book clubs, podcasts, and mentorship opportunities.

“Like in Bob Beaudine’s book, ‘The Power of Who,’ it’s all about who and how you connect to different people,” said Damon. “There’s always someone out there to help you.”

About Leadership Kalamazoo

Leadership Kalamazoo, powered by Southwest Michigan First, is Southwest Michigan’s premier civic leadership development program that helps professionals build strengths, talents, knowledge, and relationships to succeed in ever-changing environments. This feature is part of FIRST & 42’s Leadership Kalamazoo Alumni in Action series brought to you by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan.

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