It Takes a Village (in Moso Village)

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GT Independence

How one local job maker is connecting to community.

GT Independence, a fiscal intermediary agency headquartered in Sturgis, is seeking 53 new employees.

CEO John Carmichael describes the company’s services. “We help elderly and disabled people stay in their homes and communities by administering Medicaid funding for the Self-Determination Program. Our clients get to choose who comes into their home to help with activities and allow them to remain independent.”

About 250 GT employees serve nearly 15,000 Medicaid beneficiaries in nine states. And their footprint is growing in 2018 with plans to extend services to five more states.

On the surface, these employees possess customer service, payroll, and technical skills, but their roles are much deeper.

“We are looking for people with a passion toward helping others who are disadvantaged,” Carmichael said. “Our people enjoy challenges, problem solving, and having a positive impact on many lives. At the end of the day, they know they’ve made a difference. They are warm and empathetic and embrace our company values.”

The company values are shared on their website and include self-determination, integrity, community, professionalism, respect and excellence.

A family-owned corporation, GT also treats their employees like family. Co-workers form teams in softball and volleyball leagues, enjoy potluck lunches together, and a flexible environment in a company that is open to non-traditional workplace routines. For example, a number of employees telecommute.

“Our focus is on outcomes,” Carmichael said. “We have a strategic plan that is communicated broadly and regularly along with our goals and results.”

Recently, the company expanded into an urban space in the Moso Village mixed-use development in downtown Sturgis. In alignment with their desire to make a difference, Carmichael wants to support the city’s downtown area and make an economic impact there also.

GT’s Director of Marketing Adam Kujacznski created a vibrant and meaningful atmosphere in the new space with a gallery of art pieces created by the clients they serve.

“Our field staff identified a ton of incredible artists,” Kujacznski explained. “This art display will highlight their fantastic talents.”

Each work is accompanied by a biography and personal message from the creator. The letters are profound. One artist encourages viewers to see him for his art and not for his disability. The company has purchased over twenty pieces so far.

If you’d like more information about becoming part of the GT team, please access About Us/Careers at gtindependence.com.

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