Gull Meadow Farms Remains Sweet and Hole-some


The fall-favorite destination, Gull Meadow Farms has innovated during the past couple of weeks to bring a little joy to the community through its donuts. While donut making is typically reserved for autumn at Gull Meadow Farms, Manager Justin Wendzel decided to begin production as a way to cheer people up while creating work and income for his family and employees. “I think the biggest obstacle we have is the unknown,” said Justin. “Some of the things that we’ve done out here, normally we really wouldn’t consider, like opening at this time of year. But, you have to do everything you can to generate revenue to get everyone through these tough times. That’s why we’ve done the donut days.”

Justin credits the success of the events to his dedicated employees and customers. “We are so blessed with awesome customers. We have some of the best customers in the world right here,” said Justin. “Also, our employees are always ready to roll up their sleeves, and figure out solutions. They work here because they love providing experiences for families.”

On August 1, Gull Meadow Farms will celebrate its Sunflower Festival and the kick-off to the fall season, meaning, from that day on, the farm will be open seven days a week. While some things may look different this year to support health and safety, Justin assures that the fall family traditions can continue to stay alive. “Families can expect to continue to make memories. That’s what Gull Meadow Farms is all about, providing an experience for families to play together and be together. That part’s not going to change.” Stay tuned into the Gull Meadow Farms Facebook page for updates and pop-up events throughout the summer.

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