Great Scott Ice Cream Takes Cone-trol During Tough Times


There’s no other way to scoop it, summertime is ice cream time. Whether you’re heading back from the beach or wandering around a farmers market, a sweet treat is sure to be the cure for the heat, especially today to National Cool Pop Day. While outdoor activities are considered low-risk, eating ice cream with a mask poses challenges.

Locally owned Great Scott Ice Cream owner, Ken Harshman anticipated the challenges, but never to this extent. Planning on a summer full of outdoor celebrations and festivals, Great Scott quickly innovated to support safety. “In the first month since we’ve been back, we did 10% of our business,” said Ken. “So, it’s not awesome, but we’re not giving up.” Incorporating pints of ice cream into the popsicle business and freezing the treats to withstand travel, Great Scott is able to deliver the same great flavors of summer to people’s homes. “We had to innovate and try to bring new things in. We will always keep the pops, but the ice cream is ultimately what we want to do. The pops have always been a vehicle to be able to get to do that,” said Ken. Developing an online ordering platform, family packages, and the ability to deliver or pick-up at the Kalamazoo Farmers Market or Texas Township Farmers Market, Great Scott offers a selection of hand-packed pints weekly from its 30 different innovative flavors including a new favorite, bourbon maple bacon.¬†

While Ken feels positive about the outlook of his business, he encourages the community to support small businesses in any way they can. “If you find a small business that you love, support that business. It’s as simple as that because it’s going to be tough,” said Ken. “There’s a very good chance that not all of us are going to be here in a year or two.”¬†

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