2020 Wonderful Workplaces Winner: Nulty Insurance


Where Work Is a Home Away From Home

Companies that know how to make work both fulfilling and fun for employees deserve to be recognized, which is why FIRST & 42 has scouted around Southwest Michigan to find the top companies in the region that have Wonderful Workplaces. Today we’re celebrating Nulty Insurance, an independent insurance agency that has been providing personal and business insurance as well as employee benefits solutions to the Greater Kalamazoo area for the past 75 years.

Nulty Insurance is not a typical employer or office environment. In fact, it is a home away from home. When employees come to work each day, they feel like they are walking into their second home, filled with all of their family and friends. “It is not just a nine to five, five days a week [job]. It is a 6:00 p.m. dinner on a Friday night with your co-worker that you now call your best friend or brunch on a Saturday morning with your co-workers that work in another department or sister office. Nulty Insurance is family,” said Adam Burke, director of marketing at Nulty Insurance. “At most places, you come to work, do your job, and then go home. At Nulty, you want to come to work, do a great job, and support your teammates. It’s a fun, welcoming environment that makes you proud of where you work!” Adam continued. Read on to learn more about what makes Nulty Insurance a wonderful place to work.


What was Nulty’s biggest achievement during 2020?

Our company’s biggest achievement in 2020 was learning how to successfully navigate working in a global pandemic while still servicing our clients as effectively as we did when we were working in the office. This was no easy task for anyone, but we all worked through the uncertainty of each passing day, and we came through the flames stronger as individuals and as a team.

What is unique about the workplace culture at Nulty?

At Nulty, you are working in a culture that is courteous and caring. You are working with the best and brightest in the industry. Every employee takes pride in their job, which makes for an unprecedented team atmosphere and a company unlike any other. The family-friendly culture and the trust that is placed in associates makes Nulty a home away from home. We are provided a level of autonomy that encourages creativity and the latitude to seek new opportunities and collaborate with teammates so new ideas come alive.

Why does the team at Nulty love going to work each day?

It’s simple—our people! We are so fortunate to have incredibly smart and passionate employees who are committed to their areas of expertise and attentiveness to our clients. We also have leaders who are open-minded, collaborative, and willing to let our entrepreneurial spirit shine through, no doubt exemplified by the many opportunities and committees we have in place. In addition to our cohesive work environment, we also have great perks and many social activities throughout the year that bring us all together.

How do leaders at Nulty Insurance build engagement within their teams?

Leaders at Nulty Insurance build engagement through communication and active participation. A multi-channel communication strategy has been implemented to keep engagement high. Leadership participation has always been a staple of Nulty Insurance, the leaders don’t tell employees what to do—they teach, encourage, and work together to achieve results. Growing people personally and professionally is a priority of our leaders and one of the main reasons our organization has success.

How did Nulty care for and keep employees engaged during COVID-19?

As COVID-19 consumed everyone’s lives, the leaders of Nulty Insurance worked to put more emphasis on the importance of intentional communication. Our leaders understand everyone receives information differently which is why they chose to use multiple channels of communication during this difficult time. One-on-one phone calls, agency-wide Zoom meetings, after work socially distant tailgate party, Microsoft Teams, and a new agency newsletter all work to make an impact on the team.

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