Quality Touch Changes Course for the Community

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Quincy Nunn

There’s nothing quite like a fresh coat of paint to update a room, but with executive orders limiting the work for local painting company Quality Touch, CEO Quincy Nunn decided to focus on cleaning-up something else, our hands with hand sanitizer! In late March, Quincy and his team closed up shop and headed home with no idea of when they would be able to return to work. With families relying on him, including his own, Quincy began reaching out to contacts for a lead on how to supply our community with much-needed PPE. Within days, he was able to find an American made manufacturer of hand sanitizer that had mass amounts available for sale.

As a marine, Quincy has always had the mindset of “adapt and overcome”. Even when times are good, he says he always has an alternative plan, “There are always opportunities. You just need to find the right opportunity that will help you to overcome the challenge that you’re facing.” When the time comes to return to work, Quincy and his team are ready to continue to provide for the community’s sanitation needs with spray applications for offices and homes and put the painting on hold. “I don’t think people will be comfortable with painting crews in their homes for a few months, so we still have to adapt so we can get back to work,” said Quincy “My employees are ready for the adaptation because they’re familiar with the process. That’s what we do, we spray and apply coatings.”

While this period of change can be stressful, Quincy has found joy in helping others, “People have been so appreciative because they can feel safe leaving work and going home to their families.”     

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