Pancake Places That Will Make You Flip 

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Luke Pennystan

You may recall that National Pancake Day already happened this year back in FebruaryNo, this is not the movie “Groundhogs Day.” In some places, it may be frowned upon to eat cake for breakfast, but here, enjoying a pile of fried batter is perfectly acceptable. Plus, with the way 2020’s going, we could all use a little extra celebration, and with a day so nice, why not celebrate it twice? We’ve whipped up some of our favorite go-to spots from 600 Kitchens and Bar with pancake cereal to Café Meli offering “Swanky” pancakes and “Wicked” crepes. Check out our list of favorites: 

  • An all-occasions restaurant in downtown Kalamazoo’s Rivers Edge Neighborhood, 600 Kitchen and Bar presents a diverse menu with two of our favorite pancake options: a pancake board and pancake cereal. 
  • A little birdy told us that Crow’s Nest is back open for takeout! Call ahead to pick up the traditional buttermilk pancakes or add bacon crumbles on top to jazz things up.
  • Sticking to traditions, Uncle Ernie’s Pancake House has been around since 1959. With pancake specialties like banana split, snickers, or reeses, you can always expect something delicious. 
  • Before the rooster crows, you can find at least three versions of pancakes that will have you hopping out of bed like an early bird to get to the Roosters Call
  • With a name that means honey in Hawaiian, you know that Café Meli has the sweets. Offering “Swanky” pancakes and “Wicked” crepes, this no ordinary breakfast stop.  
  • Have you ever wanted to be a kid again? Studio Grill will have you hunting for a time machine to order “Issac’s” pancakes, shaped like Mickey Mouse. If your DeLorean’s broken, the adult-sized versions of cinnamon roll or apple pie could be a fine substitute. 
  • Buttermilk pancakes are made berry butter with the right toppings from Breakfast at Tiffany’s in Kalamazoo or Portage!

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