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Nick Koch is graduating this spring from the Western Michigan University (WMU) Product Design Program at the Richmond Institute for Design and Innovation. Nick is a curious learner who is constantly in search of new opportunities to grow his skillset and knowledge and is mainly interested in the field of medical design. Nick has an exciting opportunity to use his skills upon graduation as an Industrial Designer at Stryker Medical, a position that he’s looking forward to so he can help those who are sick or injured in the hospital environment. Learn more about Nick’s accomplishments and projects below.

What is the best lesson you learned from your classes, an internship, an instructor, or a mentor?

I have learned that if you want to succeed in the world of design you need to be a team player and learn from others. Everyone has a different perspective, and it is so great that we can all come together to teach each other new things and make products and experiences that will help those that surround us.

What is the strongest skill you bring to an employer?

The strongest thing I bring to an employer is my curiosity and willingness to learn. I am constantly in search of new opportunities to grow my skillset and knowledge. Each new project poses an opportunity to grow as a designer and a person.

What type of project or industry interests you?

My main interest lies within the world of medical design. Upon graduation, I am lucky to have the opportunity to begin my career as an Industrial Designer at Stryker Medical. This field will allow me to utilize my skills in a manner that will help people who may be sick or injured within a hospital environment.

What project in your portfolio are you most proud of?

I am most proud of my project titled “Rede.” This project was done for the International Housewares Association (IHA) annual competition and received an honorable mention placing within the top 15 process books. This project displays my ability to utilize my skills in an area outside of my typical boundary. I found great joy in learning about the makeup process and having the opportunity to make an experience more efficient.

What/who is one person, place, or experience that had a positive impact on you during your time at Western Michigan University or in the Kalamazoo community?

Jeff Kennedy has been my mentor since my sophomore year of college and has made a tremendous impact on my overall growth and success. Whether it’s meeting up for a coffee at 6:00 a.m. before work or a quick Zoom call, Jeff has always been there for me and is always eager to help. He has made a great impact on the school at WMU through his lectures, and I am very excited to have the opportunity to work with and learn more from him at Stryker.

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