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On August 8, 2019, Landscape Forms hosted a celebration for its 50th anniversary of crafting unique products for enjoyment across the world.

The beautiful weather was the perfect complement to Landscape Forms’ 50th anniversary celebration, as more than 100 community leaders gathered in the summer sun at the company’s Kalamazoo, Michigan home base.

The event provided the ideal vantage point on the company’s wide range of products on full display—attendees could even get a behind-the-scenes tour of the firm’s onsite manufacturing plant. Delicious food and beverages energized the crowd as Landscape Forms’ CEO, Marjorie K. Simmons, welcomed the crowd before turning the microphone over to Patty Chipman, wife of late founder, John Chipman.

Chipman, along with the other speakers, reflected on the company’s success beginning in 1969. “We’ve build lasting relationships as well as had some fun along the way,” says Chipman. Her words connected with attendees far and wide as she highlighted the unique culture that exists within the company.

As Chipman spoke, a simple fact became clear: Landscape Forms wasn’t created overnight. It has undergone extreme growth since its formation. Chipman spoke of her late husband and founder, John Chipman, and his significant contributions to the company over the years. She says, “His love of the company and the people who work here enabled [the business] to go forward and accomplish things that no one ever dreamed possible.”

Landscape Forms focuses on crafting adaptive pieces that customers depend on to fit their outdoor site needs. It is clear that the company’s creative collaboration process allows it to make items that its customers can connect with. “I think love is what makes landscape [what it is],” says Chipman. Upon roaming around company grounds and looking at just a few of the firm’s pieces, it is evident to any visitor that its work is of the highest quality and engineering.

Where do things for Landscape Forms go from here? Up!

The firm has big plans in store for the next 50 years. Its motto, “Design, Culture, and Craft,” will continue to blaze the firm’s path into the future. However, retired President and current Chairman, Bill Main, credits the success of Landscape Forms to its use of iconic photography, company culture, good design principles, and decision to manufacture onsite. Marjorie Simmons is sure the firm will work in the coming years to generate “a bolder future.” Landscape Forms will continue to work and evolve so that it can set new standards of excellence for its products.

Thinking of giving your corporate grounds or community space an update, or just want to see more Landscape Forms products for the fun of it? Browse over to https://www.landscapeforms.com/en-US/Pages/default.aspx to check out the latest products that create a balance between art and technology!

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