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Eimo Technologies

It’s Nice to Meet You
The first instinct of many is to pronounce this company’s name as “Eee-mo,” “Eye-mo,” or even “El-mo.” (That’s right, as in the star of Sesame Street!) However, the correct pronunciation goes back to the company’s Finnish roots. All together now, “Ay-mo!”

Keeping Up With the Times
A few decades ago, Eimo Technologies was known as Triple S Plastics. The “Triple S” stood for its three original owners—Dave and Phil Stewart and Vic Siemers. With expertise in plastics and film, the company had customers like IBM, Eastman Kodak, Xerox, and Polaroid. Its focus shifted over the years to cell phone production, with customers such as Sony Ericsson, Nokia, and Kyocera. With this shift, it laid the ground work for a merger with the Finnish company Eimo and in doing so, became a global presence in the production of mobile phones. “In 2001, Triple S merged with Eimo, which controlled much of the telecom market in the eastern hemisphere,” said current Plant Manager, Randy Bongard. “We then took over a high-volume share of the global market for injection molding for telecom with these three major players at the time.”

A little further down the line, Eimo was purchased by Foxconn, after which the company solidified into its current form. “Over time, it got to the point where our work was diversified between the medical, consumer, and automotive industries,” said Bongard. “We started to focus a good portion of our work on decorative products for automotive, and now we have four decorative processes within the walls of our company—something we believe no one else in the world can offer.”

Right In Front of You
Although you may not realize it just yet, Eimo’s products are all over the place in your everyday life. Eimo covers a remarkable range of products and industries. A total of 53 injection machines allows the company to handle both low- and high-volume projects. Its portfolio of work features interior and exterior moldings for vehicles and finishings for electronics, appliances, health interfaces and devices, and more. The manufacturer’s diverse background and versatility in production capabilities allow it to rise above many competitors as well as expand its own capabilities and projects on a regular basis.

Excelling Across the Board
“From a vision standpoint, we have always been focused on production and quality as our core,” said Bongard. “But in the past few years, we’ve really started to focus on our people and culture which is the key to our success over the years. I wouldn’t say we’re getting away from our profit-centered approach—that’ll always be important—but we’re trying to invest equal energy into our people and their experience here.”

For Eimo, much of this focus on employees begins with transparency on behalf of the company. “We share everything possible with our team—our cost of quality, financials, physical improvements in the space, wages—anything that might apply to the staff is covered openly with them.”
Eimo recognizes the fact that workplace culture today demands a high level of care for and value placed on the employee. “The worst thing a company can do is fail to acknowledge its workers—to compliment them, to recognize their work, and thank them for it,” said Bongard.

Supporting the Infantry
A military veteran, Bongard tends to approach work at Eimo with much the same mindset as in his prior career. “I like to think of our staff at Eimo as infantrymen: They’re the nuts and bolts—the guts of the operation. They’re the boots on the ground, and they’re the ones on the battlefield doing the fighting,” said Bongard.
“We cannot win without them. Manufacturing is not easy; it is a continual fight to remain on top in our competitive industry. So from a leadership perspective, it’s our sole responsibility to remove whatever roadblocks or obstacles that may get in the way of their success. It’s our job to set them up for success and to support them all along the way, wherever the fight may take us.”

A Closed System for Success
From culture to physical products, Eimo Technologies pours half a century’s worth of expertise into every aspect of its operations. With three complete plants located within just a few miles of one another, there’s little need for the company to outsource tasks. Between treatment of staff, expertise, and sheer dedication to creating the highest-quality and most luxurious designer moldings in the business, Eimo Technologies comes out on top of the competition. The company is a real point of pride for the village 
of Vicksburg and Southwest Michigan overall.

Company Timeline
Founded as Triple S Plastics
2001: Merged with Eimo Oy o Lahti Finland
2003: Eimo is acquired by Taiwan-based Foxconn
2008: Acquired by Nissha Co., Ltd. of Japan and its North American subsidiary Nissha USA, Inc.

14320 Portage Rd, 
Vicksburg, MI 49097

Local Executives
Gary Hallam,
General Manager
Randy Bongard,
Plant Manager

Number of Employees


Regional Footprint
Three sites totaling
145,000 square feet

Industries Served
• Automotive
• Medical
• Appliance
• Consumer Products
• Industrial
• Defense
• Other

If you’re looking for a technically challenging environment where learning and fun are necessities, check out 
career opportunities with Eimo at eimotech.com/careers/

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