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This year’s Kalamazoo marathon is off to a running start.

Event: Kalamazoo Marathon

Date: Sunday, May 5

Time: 8:00 a.m.

Location: 3427 Gull Road, Kalamazoo, MI 49048

Ready, Set, Go! And They’re Off!

We are so excited to be celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Borgess Run this year. We’ve grown over the past four decades to include even more events. This will be the ninth year for our main attraction, the Kalamazoo Marathon, but we also have 10K and 5K runs, plus a kid’s fun run and motivational mile.

My favorite thing to watch is the takeoff of the 5K because those are all people who could be out there for the first time. That’s where it all starts—with that first run. Three miles to run is a long way if you’ve never done it before. I have done two marathons, but I still remember my first 5K.

Altogether, we expect 7,500 runners. And for the marathon, we have around 500 participants. To make an event of this scale possible, we’re luckyto have the support of 17,000 volunteers from all over the community. They help people get parked, hand out medals for all our running events, and manthe spirit and water stations along the course. Our focus is always participant experience, from our super soft shirts to the fact that we have medals in all of our running events.

Along the Route

Without giving too much away about the race itself, at the halfway point in the marathon we will have a bacon station, and yes, there will be bacon. It’s more for the spectators than the runners, but they can partake too if they want. In Kindleberger Park, there’s also a popsicle hill. Imagine conquering this big hill and seeing someone there to greet you with a popsicle! Then, in the final miles of the race, Kalamazoo Central High School’s Honor Society has started a tradition of making a gummy bear trail through the woods to keep spirits high.

A Healthy Community

Not only does the Kalamazoo Marathon draw people to our area, but it gives the Kalamazoo community a chance to celebrate health together. Whether you are out there running, you’re one of the volunteers,or a spectator, we’reall celebrating the same thing—we’re getting out there being active and moving together as a community. Hopefully, that will have a trickle effect. It’s all for the greater health of our community.

To Register or Volunteer

Visit www.borgessrun.com.

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