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September 5, 2019

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The Wightman Senior Natural Resources Manager will be responsible for providing practical solutions to Clients that minimize environmental impacts.  A successful candidate will be required to provide a scientific solution to environmental problems, such that it leaves a minimum impact on the overall health of the public or environment while remaining compliant with local, state and federal regulations. They will conduct their work and analyze the results before coming up with an innovative solution to the problem which is beneficial for the environmental and Client. Wightman Clientele include, but are not limited to, governments, utilities, education, commercial entities, etc.

Essential Functions

  • Responsible for conducting field research activities (eg. wetland delineation, SAR surveys), interpreting the researched data, preparing the reports, permitting and providing subsequent advice and consultation to their Clients.
  • Understand the Clients demands and conduct field and on-site visits as per requirements
  • Conduct thorough research activity, so that environmental issues are addressed properly, and appropriate solutions can be designed
  • Coordinate and collaborate with the team of environmental scientists, engineers, technicians, experts in environmental laws to discuss and resolve the environmental issue by ensuring compliance
  • Prepare the necessary project documentation and prepare proposals as per the Client’s expectations
  • Identify the environmental issues and ensure that the Client gets all the assistance necessary for formulation and implementation of the suggested environmental solution
  • Keep Clients updated with the latest environmental policies, rules, and standards that need to be followed for their specific Project.
  • Business development.

Required Skills and Behaviors 

  • Candidates are required to have good knowledge of updated research methods, concepts and local/state environment.
  • Knowledge of various computer software packages.
  • Proficient knowledge of required environmental statutory assets, environmental requirements and laws in the Great Lakes Region.
  • Ability to develop and maintain good relationships with people they interact with.
  • Knowledge of rules and regulations along with quality review act along with proficiency in writing reports.
  • Ability to carry out administrative or staff assignments and present them in writing or verbal format.
  • Ability to share technical ideas and concepts with public and non-technical personnel.
  • Good judgment, planning and strategy making skills are essential
  • Previous experience of performing similar role in consulting or industrial sectors
  • Good verbal and writing skills
  • Creative and initiative problem solving tactics
  • Ability to manage, lead, participate and schedule multiple activities
  • Ability to work dynamically in various work environment
  • Self-management, self-discipline, hardworking, and ability to multi-task.
  • Should be able to prioritize work and should have a positive attitude

Organizational Relationship

  • Reports to Director of Environmental

Required Education/Experience

  • Shall possess a bachelor’s degree in ecology and/or biological studies, environmental sciences or related field.
  • Must have a working knowledge of environmental regulations and requirements in the Great Lakes Region, as well as experience with planning, completing field work and reporting or permitting for projects including natural resources (i.e. wetlands, vegetation, wildlife – including species at risk).
  • Certification or specific training is considered an asset.

Preferred Education/Experience

  • Master’s degree in ecology and/or biological studies, environmental sciences or related field.
  • 10+ years of experience in business development, consulting, managing projects and staff.


  • Local travel required

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