Lean Six Sigma Certification Training

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  • What: Lean Six Sigma Certification Training
  • When: Training dates vary by level of certification. Sessions begin March 2.
  • Where: Location varies by training.

Western Michigan University’s Center for Integrated Supply Management offers a full range of Lean Six Sigma training that uses an applied business focus. Tom Kelly, instructor of supply chain at Western Michigan University, shares his experience on the benefits of Lean Six Sigma.

For those who do not know what Lean Six Sigma is, can you describe it?

Lean Six Sigma is a methodology that focuses on improving the performance of an organization by systematically removing waste and reducing variation throughout the organization’s process. It also provides a framework for overall organizational culture change.

Lean Six Sigma changes the mindset of an organization’s employees and managers, shifting perspective to growth, continuous improvement and process optimization that meets or exceeds the customer’s needs.

What does Lean Six Sigma certification do for business professionals and their organizations?

Individuals with certification are knowledgeable in different approaches to generate value and meet customer needs. They know how to optimize business processes and enhance staff involvement. Six Sigma certification makes a professional stand out from the competition.

Who is the ideal candidate for Lean Six Sigma certification?

What makes our program unique is that it does not focus on a particular type of candidate skill set. Many current Lean Six Sigma programs primarily focus on the analytical elements of business and individuals who possess this skill set. WMU views Lean Six Sigma as a tool kit that can benefit all functions within business. Our focus is to match tools to the candidates and their organizations’ needs.

How will the WMU training sessions be structured?

WMU’s program offers a number of different certification options. We offer the traditional white, yellow, green and black belt levels. We also currently offer a certification in the field of marketing.

We offer numerous opportunities throughout the calendar year to get one or all of the certifications.


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