Consort Display Purchases Building to Create Color and Character 


Longtime local experts in the development of display products, Consort Display finalized the purchase of a building they have rented for about 15 years in the Edison neighborhood. This building is just one of many in the area that Consort works out of.

Supporting this process was Brownyn Drost from Southwest Michigan First, who said the project is a win for this community-focused company.

“It’s been such a pleasure working with the team over the past year as Consort Display continues to innovate, grow, and contribute to Southwest Michigan’s economy,” said Bronwyn. “We’re thrilled that Consort is making a long-term commitment to the Edison neighborhood and the City of Kalamazoo and grateful for the color and character that Consort Display’s products bring to the community.”

While not much looks like it is changing from the outside, Consort Display’s efforts to innovate with the times by improving its printing capabilities through research, updates to technology, and renovations to its space would have made moving from the building challenging.

“If we had to move, it would be a big disappointment, I keep thinking of the water jet machines. Because it’s not so hard to move some of the other stuff, but the water jets, that’s a big deal,” said Roger Lepley, president and CEO.

At the beginning of 2020, the team from Consort Display put their research into action utilizing their state-of-the-art method of printing on Sunbrella fabric. “We got rid of our very large screen-printing department because it was so labor intensive. We needed to have it be more technical-based, more digital-based,” said Roger. “We are the only company in North America that we are aware of and that the digital printing manufacturing company is aware of as well that digitally prints Sunbrella marine acrylic.”

Offering display options in the form of pole banners, banner hardware, modular retail displays, and event pennants, Consort Display makes use of various types of technology to create its vibrant displays. Machinery and methods used include waterjets, large scale printers, and metalwork. As Consort Display looks into the future, the team is excited to continue innovating and working with the community.

“We’re trying to improve products. We’re coming out with some new products based on what we already do and doing more and more industrial design,” said Roger. “To me, design is a collaboration of folks working together to make the best products.”

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